GGelite is a space simulation close to the famous games Elite . This project is GPL ! It's written in Objective-C for GNUstep, it needs openGL, the libSDL, the freetype2 and optionally the lib3ds and the libsdl_mixer . At this moment, it only compiles on Linux and FreeBSD but it should be easy to port it to other Un*x, even Windoze or MACOS X.

This is a very preliminary version, don't expect anything to work before the version 0.1.0. Don't expect anything playable before the version 0.5.0.

The current stable version is 0.0.8
Here you can find:


At this moment, you cannot do a lot of things in the game. Use it only for testing. You can only wander in the solar system, hyperjump to others that are randomly generated (but it's useless now because I haven't put any station in them).

Thus, stay in the solar system and try to shoots innocent space ships, or visit the few orbital stations I put around. If you use the autopilot, be carefull because it is quite buggy when the time is very accelerated. So, redude the time speed when you go closer to your target.

you can help!!! if you want. There are a lot of things to be done, even if you don't have any programming skills. Basically, I need this:


change since version 0.0.8 (13/08/2002)

change since version 0.0.7 (25/03/2002)

change since version 0.0.6 (05/08/2001)

change since version 0.0.5 (02/07/2001)

change since version 0.0.4 (11/06/2001)

change since version 0.0.3 (01/05/2001)

change since version 0.0.2 (13/04/2001)

change since version 0.0.1 (???)

I hope to release the version 0.1.0 in June 2001 (I know I said April, but now it is June, and it might be the end of June).

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There are plenty of them. Most of them are fans of one of the variant of the original Elite (c). I give only a few.
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